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September's book is ...

Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde.

October's book will be Ella Minnow.

I'm going away on holiday tomorrow for a long weekend, so please do start discussing Miss Smilla without me.

I have been struggling with it & wasn't sure why, but now realise that it's because I only normally read in snatched minutes here & there around Kate, so when I start getting into a heavier book, I lose the plot continuoulsy, whereas with a light easy to read book, I can just dip in & pout so much better.

I need to take Miss Smilla into the bath I think & am taking it on holiday.

What books has everyone else read this month? I have been reading 30 something novels, just finished Mr Commitment by Mike Gayle (interesting to see from a male point of view for a change) & have nearly finished Miranda's Big Mistake by Jill Mansell. Forget what I read before, as I find these books slip from your mind once you've finished them & started another. Now I recall it was I Don't Know How She Does it, about a working mother, so I could identity with some of it.

All from the local charity shop for 50p each.
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