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All You Need is Love

July's Book is The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

Please let us know in comments when you have a copy & as I said last night, we'll start reading by Saturday 5 July, if not before, as we are running a bit behind this month.

Here are some ideas taken from one of my earlier posts:

What to discuss

We’ve found that taking down short notes on a postcard while reading the book helps enormously when it comes to later discussion. Points to discuss could include:

your emotional response to the book



most memorable parts (descriptions/dialogue)

strengths and weaknesses


Suggested timetable for July:

5 July Start reading
19 July Finish reading & start discussion in earnest
31 July Finish discussion

I don't see any problems in theory with starting a few ideas rolling before 19 July, so please feel free to post if something strikes you, amuses you, interests you etc. If we find this to be too distracting then we won't do it in August, but I think this month should be fairly relaxed to see how we all get on.

This may help you :)

And this.

And finally this.

And not forgetting this!

Enjoy the book :)
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